This isn’t the first time I have been disturbed by the policies at Madeleine Academy, but this is the first time I had a serious concern about the danger these policies could be causing to my child. We received a notice today stating that our child, a student of Madeleine Academy, must get a 2×3 haircut.

This is not going to teach my child discipline. Discipline is a matter of behavior; this is meant to enforce conformity. Why would a Catholic school be teaching fascist behavior?  I don’t want my son growing up and joining a Nazi party simply because that is what everyone else is telling him he must do.  I want him to think for himself and apply real christian values; those that were taught by Jesus Christ.  Forcing children to conform is what the Pharisees would do, not what Jesus would do. According to the bible (Mark chapter 2), Jesus is the lord of the Sabbath, not Madeline Academy!

Are you ready for the absolute truth in the matter? Neither my wife nor I have any problem with him having a short hair-cut; his hair is already short. But these rules by Madeleine Academy are not coming from the Vatican!  When I was a child, I attended Our Lady of Victory (Troy, NY USA)  in my days  of primary school which is a Catholic school. I also attended Catholic Central High School (Troy, NY USA) for Junior High and High School.  While I was in High School, the school created so many rules that the students rebelled and started vandalizing the school, and never once did they try to force every student to have the same haircut.  The Pharisees wanted everyone to conform, and were willing to do anything to maintain their power which is why Jesus was nailed to the cross in the first place.  Is this the future my child is being taught? That he must conform or else be nailed to the cross?