This content is not available in your region. Well, F^ck that!

Those dumb-ass home business owners seem to think that just because you’re not in the U.S. or Europe, that you aren’t human, and don’t have real money to buy their products.  While I could bring this to the Anonymous hacker group, I decided I would handle this peacefully and hit them where it hurts: public perception which drives their stock value!

Bad Corporations! — I’m talking to you Oracle!

The problem is worse than just home business owners, major corporations including Oracle are participating in it. Have you noticed that downloads from Oracle web sites are freezing half way through your download?  They do this to make you think there is something wrong with YOUR computer.  Sorry Oracle, but we’re not all as stupid as you THINK we are!  All I had to do was change my IP address to a European address and the download completed without any problems!

Its time we put an end to region restrictions forever!!!

How to change your IP address with a single click

There are many proxies available on the internet.  Some of them are established intentionally; some of them are established because the technical staff doesn’t know how to secure a proxy, and others are maliciously placed there by hackers or a computer virus.  It doesn’t matter how they got there, but the fact is, they are there so use them! There is an easy plugin you can use for Firefox named FoxyProxy which makes using proxies easy. Get FoxyProxy

But I did promise you the ability to change your IP address in a single click, and it can take hours to put together and test a list of proxies. Sometimes these open proxies are the only way to access content, but there is a solution. Tor! Tor is a brand of what are called Onion routers. They use the name onion because they are wrapped in multiple layers of security envelopes.  While these messages aren’t 100% unbreakable, they do change your IP address, and with a single click, you can change to a new IP address which opens up unlimited potential for privacy and getting past region restrictions. Get Tor

Break software regions restrictions too!

This application is not available in your regions?” Oh really! Windows Control Panel… here I come! First, disable any auto synchronization of your time because you’re about to violate your timezone! First you must think, what region is allowed to use this software? Now you just need to find a timezone in that region that follows the same time adjustments  as yours.  In the U.S. Albany, New York follows daylight savings time, and Phoenix, Arizona does not.  Additional research will be needed for other regions.  Once you have disabled your automatic time synchronization, you change your region. Finally, manually adjust your system clock to the correct time for where you live. Now run your application again and Walla! it works!

DVD Makers, You’re next!

DVD’s also have region restrictions.  I purchased some DVD’s in the U.S. before I came to the Philippines, only to find out that they wouldn’t play in the DVD players here.  It turns out there is a way of breaking some DVD players so that they will play any DVD regardless of the region restriction.  Why risk breaking your DVD player when you can download a pirated version online in a format which does not have region restrictions? Hmmm… makes you think doesn’t it? How did they do it?  All you need to do is buy a DVD reader/burner for your computer where you can change the region code to zero which allows you to play DVD’s for any region.  Now you simply put in your Bad-Region-Restricted DVD, and convert it to a non region restricted format such as MPG.  You’re not done yet!  You still want to watch it on your wide screen Hi-Definition TV right? Break out your DVD burner software and burn that non-region-restricted movie onto a DVD. Now you have your DVD without a region restriction, problem solved!