VNetPublishing.Com has released the latest version of the popular WordPress security plugin named Web Security Tools. The plugin provides some new features, including the ability to detect and destroy new and unknown PHP virus strains along with its existing dictionary of viruses. Other new features include encryption support in the threat definition libraries, email notifications, and protection against multi-byte character encoding attacks which are commonly used in a hacking method known as SQL injection.

With recent clashes between me and the WordPress staff, this release is most likely to cause some waves in the blogging community. In the previous version, it was found that a bad server configuration could cause some security threats within the plugin. Instead of fully investigating the issue, WordPress blocked the plugin from the repository making it more difficult to keep the plugin updated. To those who were not aware, I have responded in fury, launching a petition and releasing private email conversations with WordPress.

Regardless of the ongoing battle between me and WordPress, this new plugin definitely appears to open up the next generation of web security. The plugin is available for direct download at VNet Publishing and can be used to defend web sites against various threats.

Could this new technology mean an end to WordPress blogging sites being taken down by the group of hackers known as Anonymous?