If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what I could possibly be talking about… Well, one of my IRN’s has been unintentionally trained by my wife, to be a hat and a manicurist! LOL. Yes you read them right — a hat and a manicurist. I’m not sure how it happened really, I suppose IRN’s will do whatever they can get away with that doesn’t scare them. I don’t even know how the manicuring started, I suppose the IRN was trying to bite my wife’s finger, and only ended up with some cuticle.

Now, almost on demand, my wife shows her fingers to the IRN and the IRN will start pulling off her cuticles without causing any damage to her finger, I was amazed. As for the hat, my wife had her hair up in a bun when she was trying to teach the bird to stand on her shoulder. For the most part, our IRN’s like being high up and don’t like coming down so the IRN stepped up onto her hair bun and crawled up to the top of her head.

Now, almost automatically, every time my wife puts the IRN on her shoulder, the bird crawls up right onto her head. Our bird tried to do this with me also but I wasn’t going to allow it, I said NO firmly a few times and she hasn’t tried again since. Of our three IRN’s, this is the only one we have been able to tame and train; she’s even learned to kiss on demand. While our IRN doesn’t talk, probably because we didn’t get it until it was over a year old, it certainly has no difficulty learning new tricks.