Modern Alchemy


This world has enough scientists but few real alchemists.  The scientist applies known mathematical rules and physical properties to extract information. The alchemist, driven by some unseen force, seeks to break the rules and create new properties, either by discovery or abstraction.  Driven by intuition, and not bound by the rules, the alchemist can solve the unsolvable, by luck or fate.

I will start this tutorial by throwing out all of the rules. Yep, they’re all gone!  It is just you and your computer.  We cannot wholly predict the results of our actions so instead we will take the role of an observer, otherwise we risk creating new rules.  I will not take responsibility for your actions, just as you will not take responsibility for mine.

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Programming is my passion, and I am constantly working on making my mark in this industry by creating new technologies which open doors to new capabilities. While some of my projects are experimental, most of it is grounded in standard compliant design with a constant focus on security.


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