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No good deed goes unpunished, and that is how I feel today.  Top 10 Wordpress Security Plugins made by an independent blogger. But now, three months later, the plugin itself is under attack, threatening my business, and web sites. The issue revolves about a perceived security threat of the plugin. ...
Like many ethical hackers,there is a small part of me that dreams of working as a professional computer hacker for the government, so when I saw the GCHQ challenge at  http://www.canyoucrackit.co.uk/ I couldn't resist... Challenge #1 So the first challenge was a mess for me. I broke out my PHP development...
ACCESS DENIED! This content is not available in your region. Well, F^ck that! Those dumb-ass home business owners seem to think that just because you're not in the U.S. or Europe, that you aren't human, and don't have real money to buy their products.  While I could bring this to the...

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